Alternatives for Funding Your Education at Rutgers

Does your term bill have a remaining balance, even after applying all financial aid? Sometimes, based on eligibility and funding limits, your award may not cover your entire cost of tuition and fees on your term bill. You have a few options to consider that may help.

Parent PLUS Loan

A Parent PLUS loan is a federal loan that the parents apply for in their name. If the parents are denied, the student will still receive an additional unsubsidized loan for a specific amount each semester. If the parents are approved, they may borrow up to the remaining term bill balance or they can borrow the max amount up to the student’s total cost of attendance budget.

Private Loans

Private loans are loans from private lenders such as Sallie Mae, Discover, Wells Fargo, and many others. The link above provides a variety of different private lenders. Private loans are taken out by the student. However, most students will likely need a cosigner such as parents or grandparents if they do not have established credit.

Outside Scholarships

Scholarships are a form of gift aid that does not need to be repaid. Although students are automatically considered for a wide range of scholarships if they completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), there are outside scholarship opportunities that they may also be eligible for. You may also visit and to research outside scholarship opportunities.

Rutgers University Tuition Payment Plan (RUTPP)

The Rutgers University Tuition Payment Plan (RUTPP) allows you to pay your term bill charges in convenient monthly payments. To learn more, please visit the Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashier Services website.

Job Location and Development Program

The Student Employment Office maintains a comprehensive database of part-time and seasonal job opportunities both on and off campus.


Questions about paying your term bill, getting a refund, or the Rutgers University Tuition Payment Plan? Contact the Office of Student Accounting, Billing and Cashiering.